"Gary Hershner has a well-earned reputation for aggressive representation and for using creative ways to obtain maximum results for his clients.  That is why I asked Gary to represent my father in a serious car accident case."

-- Joesephy D. Morrissey, former VA State Delegate, Commonwealth's Attorney and Law Professor

Tried case in North Carolina in the late 1980's for the wrongful death of an infant plaintiff and obtained a verdict of $350,000. I understand that the verdict was the largest verdict at the time in North Carolina for an infant wrongful death.

Settled claim for the policy limits of $100,000. The plaintiff had been intentionally assaulted by a cab driver. The case was turned down by several attorneys before she retained me. When I investigated the case, the owner of the cab company indicated past problems with the cab driver. The owner of the cab company then agreed to a recorded statement with my investigator and disclosed his knowledge of the cab driver's propensity for violence. There was no offer before suit was filed.

Obtained a $90,000 verdict in a slip and fall case. I pioneered a method to prove liability by having the skid resistance of the subject ramp tested. Shortly after the slip and fall, I had an engineer use the State Highway Department's equipment to test the ramp. Other attorneys later consulted with me and also successfully used the method.

Settled the case after the first day of trial for $725,000. The highest offer before trial was $250,000. The law firm of McGuire, Woods, Battle & Booth defended the action. Mr. Williams was a fiddler who had appeared regularly on Hee Haw and was injured when scaffolding at a Republican rally fell and struck him while he was performing. We claimed negligence by the volunteers for the Republican party in erecting the scaffolding.